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Star Trek TNG; Peace Offering

By Robert E. Bleier

Peace Offering took 3 years to write.

The story was published on my Story page, but that page had gotten corrupted and had to be deleted. You can get you a copy of the story by going to The Book link below. When I get time, I will try and resurrect The Story page.

The Book

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Summary of the story:

The galaxy faces a threat that not even the Q Continuum can touch. The Being from Star Trek V is restless. This powerful creature finds an ally in Sela, who still seeks revenge on Picard. Meanwhile the Romulans have found a human from the 21st century and offer him to the Federation. Picard is sent to accept, but he fears he's walking into a trap. With the powerful Being on the loose, and a Federation Admiral plotting against him, the Romulans are the least of Picard's worries.